Yesterday’s Microsoft Gamescom conference showed a plethora of new announcements and more details on pre-existing announced titles. One such announcement was the upcoming Killer Instinct Season 3 and Rash the Battletoad’s arrival as a playable character in Killer Instinct starting yesterday. The conference showed off a short gameplay video of Rash.

Rash looks like he has a lot of super armor especially in his wrecking ball form and his emphasis on land to air combos seem quite potent. The Battletoad’s moveset is very much based on his appearance back in the original game on the NES; big giant boots and all. He’s an interesting addition to say the least. He will be available to Windows 10 Killer Instinct players. With the Battletoads making a resurgence in Shovel Knight, Rare Replay and now Killer Instinct, we’re due for a proper brand new Battletoads game. Furthermore, seeing as Killer Instinct has now opened the flood gate for guest characters, we’ll wait in bated breath for the next guest character that’ll somehow work their way into the game. Master Chief maybe?

Killer Instinct Season 3 will be coming in March 2016 for Xbox One as well as Windows 10.

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