If you’re a fan of Bungie’s much-loved improvement of adding new Ghost designs to Destiny, then you’ll love these incredibly detailed and awesome fan-made versions.

Reddit user cwspellowe took to /r/DestinyTheGame to show off their editing skills with custom-made designs for Ghost, a permanent floating companion through out the game.

Going by themes, each Ghost is crafted around an enemy theme – so far, we have designs focused on Vex, Hive, and Fallen aesthetics.

Cwspellow first designed Ghost shells around Destiny‘s first Raid, the Vault of Glass, which incorporated time-manipulating Vex enemies. The first Ghost was designed to mimic a Gorgon’s appearance, while the second was a glass Ghost, in tribute to the Vault of Glass itself.


Ghost from Destiny shaped like Gorgon

Ghost from Destiny made of glass


The next lot, brought about by popular demand, are based around various enemies or elements of three of the races – the Hive, the Vex, and the Fallen (respectively).

Personally, my favourite has to be the Fallen shell, shaped like our old favourite Strike boss, Sepiks Prime. We miss you, buddy.

ghost in destiny that looks like sepiks prime

ghost in destiny designed like oversoul

destiny ghost designed like a vex

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