Even more cards from Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion ‘The Grand Tournament’ were revealed yesterday. 54 cards were debuted from the set via the Hearthstone Facebook page. This brings the total number of cards released to 132/132.

We recently reported on the last bunch of cards that was released. You can view these here.

Here are the last of the cards from the upcoming expansion:

This is another example of power creeping in Hearthstone that players have complained about. Ice Rager is blatantly better than Magma Rager by having +1 HP. Evil Heckler is also better than Booty Bay Bodyguard by having the exact same stats but 1 less mana cost. Benjamin Brode, senior game designer for Hearthstone, justified this by saying, “Making a better version of a card that nobody plays is not [power creeping].”

What do you think about the upcoming expansion? Do you think power creeping is an issue in Hearthstone? Let us know in the comments below!

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