Bungie has recently revealed new details on Destiny: The Taken King’s new mode, called the Court of Oryx, and also teased a big new Raid for the expansion.

The Court of Oryx mode has been revealed to be an end-game activity, and is therefore only available after you complete the main plot of The Taken King expansion. In addition to this, Court of Oryx takes place exclusively within the Dreadnought, the new location for the expansion, and can be gained access to handing over a rune that you either purchased in the game or looted from elsewhere.

Detailing the runes, lead designer Sage Merrill explained that there are four different tiers of rune that players can turn in, each which correspond with a different difficulty level for Court of Oryx. In one mode depicted during Bungie’s Destiny livestream, players had to work together to kill three Wizards. Take too long to kill one, and the other two respawn.

Bungie is clearly aiming to reward players for their sacrifice, something that fans have long since clamoured for. To this end, the Guardian that gives the rune to access the Court of Oryx mode will automatically receive the best loot drop at the end of the game, while the other players in the same game will still be rewarded to a certain degree.

Also detailed was The Taken King’s new Raid, titled King’s Fall. “You have to raise the bar” Merrill stated, when comparing the new King’s Fall Raid with the old Vault of Glass Raid. “The Raid team always has the challenge of having to push itself a little further because expectations continue to go up. It’s our biggest Raid to date – in terms of encounters, of spaces, of the conclusion. It is our most epic finale.”

Sage Merrill continued by saying “It’s not just going to be normal and hard mode. The way we developed King’s Fall was different to the other Raids. We developed Hard mode first this time, then scaled to Normal. And we have one more thing we’re not talking about yet that’s pretty special. It’s a twist I’m excited about.”

Destiny: The Taken King will launch across all console platforms on September 15th.

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