In game two of CLG and TIP’s best of 5, CLG is already down 2 kills at 10 minutes in. For the next 15 mintues, the trades are very even, with both teams being 6-6 at 25 minutes.

CLG’s Poebelter is dominating in cs, being 40 over TIP’s Gate, with CLG having a significant lead in gold. But mistakes were made at 27 minutes in, when they wanted to try for their first dragon. They underestimated TIP and were annihilated, leading TIP to snag their 4th dragon.

34 mintues in, dragon is up again and gold is even. CLG has to deny the dragon to TIP at all costs, and it works to their advantage. CLG is able to get their first dragon after a triple kill from Peobelter’s Orianna, and then head top to pick up baron. This could potentially turn the game around in their favor.

CLG gets TIP’s first inhibitor turret and then their inhib right afterwards before backing off and heading botlane to push it up a bit. TIP Impact ults in and instantly dies, leading Doublelift’s Tristana to get a double kill. TIP is now two inhibitors down and CLG rushed the nexus turrets and nexus, not unlike the previous game.

Counter Logic Gaming is now 2-0 in the semi finals in this best of 5 against Team Impulse.

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