The new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie has had its fair share of controversy, mostly over castings. Jesse Eisenberg chosen to play Lex Luther, Ben Affleck cast as Batman, those weren’t choices easy for the studio to stand by.

The movie was originally slated for a July 2015 release date, but was moved forward to May 2016 – where it would have to compete with Captain America: Civil War. Afterwords, a final date was decided for March 25 2016. The movie date changes were explained to be the right decision for the studio, and the franchise as a whole. The less the studios can compete, the better for everyone.

A new teaser trailer was just released the other day, and we were treated to the second official trailer yesterday. Ben Affleck has been confirmed as the writer, director, and taking on the role of Batman himself. Wonder Woman photos from on set have been revealed – and you can also take a look at her in the trailer below. According to reports, Batman will also have “more screen time then expected” in the Dawn of Justice.

I encourage you to take a look at the new trailer below before reading on in the article.


Watched it? good. Keep reading.

For those not very familiar with the DC comic verse, that surprise appearance at the end is Doomsday. Although there were a few hush hush rumours that Doomsday would be making an appearance, it was just confirmed through the trailer. How cool is that?

The best way to get to know Doomsday is to go read his Wikipedia page, although the brief run down is this. Doomsday was formed in the depths on ancient Krypton, where he had time to become hate filled and seeking destruction almost constantly.

Doomsday’s first full appearance was in Man of Steel #18, and he is most commonly known as the villain who “killed” Superman, in the Death of Superman plotline. Either way, this is not a villain to mess with.

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