Neverwinter, the first MMO to reach the Xbox One, is set to receive its biggest expansion yet: Elemental Evil.

The game’s biggest update so far, Neverwinter’s Elemental Evil contains content from the previously released PC updates Fury of the Feywild, Shadowmantle, and Curse of Icewind Dale.

Elemental Evil will raise the level cap, and will introduce the Oathbound Paladin class. The expansion has more adventure zones to explore, four additional end-game campaigns, and more dungeons. “Quality of life” improvements can also be expected alongside the update.

Neverwinter released on PC in 2013, and came to the Xbox One earlier this year. The game has seen more than 2 million players since it released in March. Publisher Perfect World stated last year that Neverwinter’s console release was “starting with Xbox One,” meaning we could be seeing a PlayStation 4 version in the future.

Elemental Evil releases on September 8th on the Xbox One. You can check out some images below to get a closer look at Neverwinter’s newest expansion.

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