Today marks the end of the first two sets of qualifiers. The Chinese and American teams clashed and fought with two victors and runner ups who will proceed into the TI5 and wildcard bracket respectively. The games have been intense, with amazingly neck-to-neck matches and insane ‘clowning’ around matches. The dust has settled and the winners scrap out bloodied and ready for their next battles.

For the Chinese bracket, EHOME has taken top spot after defeating CDEC Gaming in the winners round 2-0. CDEC managed to climb back and fight against EHOME again after defeating Energy Pacemaker in the losers round with 2-0. Finally the grand finals for the Chinese qualifiers had EHOME take the first two matches, CDEC fought back long and hard taking the 3rd match, rekindling hope for the team. Unfortunately for them, EHOME came out strong with an aggressive lineup and take the 4th match, ending the qualifiers on a 3-1. Congratulations to EHOME!

On to the American bracket, compLexity takes the cheese by slaying North American Rejects. It’s a similar story with the Chinese bracket, compLexity defeated NAR in the winners round, 2-0, leaving NAR to fight for their lives against mouseports, succeeding to win with 2-1. Upon the second encounter against compLexity however, they couldn’t take revenge and lost 3-0 against compLexity. It was a shame that the matches were having some technical difficulties that certainly disrupted the flow of the game, however, matches were fair and no hard feelings were present. Congratulations to compLexity for getting into the TI5!

Finally, it’s worth giving some respect and congratulations to the efforts by Void Boys and mousesports as they fought to reach the top from the American bracket and Energy Pacemaker and Wings Gaming from the Chinese bracket. As mentioned, there will be two slots for wildcards, so CDEC and NAR aren’t entirely out of the tournament yet! They will end up facing their equivalents from the SEA bracket and European bracket. Good luck to all teams and I can only hope the best for all of them!

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