PlayStation CEO Andrew House recently discussed the state of first and third party games for Sony’s consoles during the Electronics Investor Relations Day 2015.

According to House, Sony is working hard to increase third party support as it’s especially important right now as the first party line-up for the PS4 is “a little sparse.”

He also stated that instead of only seeking exclusives, Sony has encouraged developers and studios to take advantage of the possibilities of the PS4, such as the share play functionality. House adds that the PS4 is not without its partnerships with non-exclusive third party titles such as Destiny, but adds that the company’s goal is to make the system the “best place to play” for those titles.

House emphasized the importance of first party exclusives and mentioned that while the “very highly anticipated release” of Uncharted 4 was pushed out of 2015, the company still has plans for it be released in their 2015 fiscal year ending on March 31, 2016.

House ended by saying 2015 “will be a year of investment” and claims Sony is investing in the future.

Let us know what you think of the PS4’s future line-up of games and if you think the first party titles are lacking as well.


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