Although purportedly only back online for an “internal stress test”, many players of the Street Fighter V PS4 beta have reported being able to play the game with few issues which can be seen on Twitch.

A couple of hours ago a tweet came across the Street Fighter Twitter page stating:

They went on to state it was so “the first official public beta program re-launched as quickly as possible.” It appears they are well on their way towards this goal.

The beta was originally set to launch on July 23rd and end on July 28th. However, soon after the launch, issues forced Capcom to close the servers at various times over the course of a couple of days until they finally closed them indefinitely stating they plan to offer “a better experience for you with the future betas.”

Capcom was to have three betas before launch: the first for PS4 in July, a second for both PC and PS4 in “the fall” and a third sometime after that. Capcom will not be counting this last release as one of the three due to the issues that cropped up, so we still have three more to look forward to.

There has been no word as to when the beta will officially come back online, but as betas go, this one is definitely seems to be catching many of the bugs before the game goes live which is the purpose of a beta release, after all, especially important in this case considering the heavy online presence of this release.

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