Game one of the best of five between Team Impulse and Team Liquid for third place of the LCS Summer Series happened this past Saturday and it started off with some familiar faces. The analyzing team had Meteos sitting in with them, along with Dash, Zyrene and, a surprising change, Riv. Our casters were Jatt, Phreak and Kobe.

Meteos, Zyrene and Riv all predicted a 3-1 for Team Liquid and 69% of Twitter users predicted a TL win as well. Team Liquid banned Elise, Kog’maw and Nidalee. Team Impulse bans Kalista, Azir and Alistar. The Kalista ban was a very smart move, because Piglet is an absolute demon with her. Liquid’s jungler IWillDominate ganked toplane to get first blood on TiP’s Apollo. He ran in, Apollo flashed forward as he was ulting back, causing Dominate to flash to him, ult him backwards after Apollo’s Ashe ult landed on Quas, which was pretty much useless.

Liquid goes for dragon at 15:40 and is able to get it, but Impact teleports into the team fight which leads TiP to get an ace. The game sor tof drags on at this point, both teams playing relatively safe, but 37 minutes in, Team Liquid lands themselves two kills, gets baron and pushes up lane to win the first game.

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