Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight is the upcoming JRPG from Atlus. Today a new trailer for the game was released, showcasing one of the game’s characters: Arianna.

In Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold, Arianna is the Princess of Caledonia, and one of the game’s five party members. She is not one to wait to be rescued, and goes headlong into battle. She is modeled after the Sovereign class, and has a strong balance between defense and support abilities. As a princess, she must trek to ancient, mysterious ruins and complete a ritual to fulfill a royal tradition to save her kingdom. The ruins are home to dangerous monsters, which the player must subdue to help Arianna complete her quest.

Along with the trailer, three 3DS themes were revealed as well. The three themes are the “Story,” “Classic,” and “Cafe” themes, and are available on the eShop for $0.99/CA $1.29 each. They will launch one per week beginning on July 14th. Players who pre-order Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold will receive a free code to download the Story theme.




Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight will release on August 4th. The game will be available on the 3DS.

What do you think? Will you be picking up Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight? Let us know below.

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