With at least two members of Team Secret already gone, the question is whether they will attempt to fill these vacancies or if the team will simply disband.  It is confirmed that Arteezy will be leaving the team to join EG.  Likewise Zai will not be part of the active roster.  It is likely that Zai will still be involved with the team, possibly taking on the role of the team’s coach.

After their poor performance at TI5, it seemed inevitable that there would be some change to the roster, but not many would have predicted the team disbanding.  After performing well in the group stages, Secret found themselves struggling in the main event.  They were knocked out of the upper bracket by EHOME, and eventually finished in 8th place after losing to Virtus Pro.  A disappointing performance considering they were favorites to win the championship.

Although only Zai and Arteezy have left the team, it also seems likely that S4 will depart.  Rumors abound that S4 will be rejoining Alliance.  If it is the case that all members of the team move on, it will be interesting to see which teams they decide to join.  All of the players are supremely talented and would be a huge asset to any team.  It will also be interesting to see if any of the players decide to stay, and if Team Secret will be able to replace the departing players.

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