The oddly strange and unexpected phenomenon Goat Simulator, causing ripples on the PC market in all of its glitchy maddening insanity is now on its way to Microsofts systems. The Xbox 360 and Xbox One will have this game in April.

Goat Simulator has always been a ridiculous game that came out as a joke by the developers Coffee Stain Studios who wanted to make fun of the way modern games have come out as a tragic pile of bugs and glitches. The parodying struck a chord with the masses and the game instantly became a cult classic with its ridiculousness; so much so that Goat Simulator got a DLC for a mock MMO version of the game. DLC wasn’t in the plans for the developers but there it is.

I wasn’t a fan of the game honestly, but I can understand the unironic love for it. I just can’t see myself putting that many hours into the game, and I can’t convince myself to buy into it. But that theme though… that intoxicatingly psychotic goat rampaging theme. I swear it’s the offtune beats that somehow just fit together… It’s great… But oh so wrong.

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