EA Sports and Uber have paired up in an effort to promote Madden NFL 16, which officially releases August 25. This promotion allows Uber users to potentially win a copy of the game as well as a new Xbox One.

On August 24, the promotion begins in all 32 NFL cities. To participate, you need to use a special code on the Uber app that allows you to view specially marked Madden NFL vehicles. If one of these cars is available, you can claim it to receive your free copy of the game.

In a recent press release by Uber, they issued the following disclaimer: “This offer is provided for a limited time on a first-come, first serve basis. Demand will be very high and not all requests may be fulfilled.” So don’t be surprised if your city doesn’t have any open vehicles.

As for the Xbox One, one rider in each of the cities will win an “ultimate prize pack” which contains the console, Madden NFL 16, and more. If you are the lucky winner, your prize will be delivered to you by an NFL player from your city’s team. Yes, for real.

If you want to win, enter the codes below for your respective city and cross your fingers.


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