phil spencerMicrosoft arguably has been pushing their console to the extreme, announcing huge features such as Xbox One backwards compatibility. With the 7th generation being the first digital generation, the backwards compatibility promise held some doubt among hopefuls. How exactly would any DLC work with the backwards compatibility?

Thankfully, a Twitter follower of Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, has asked the question directly to Phil Spencer via a tweet. Phil promptly responded.

“We are working on a clear description of how DLC will work. It should work as expected.”

Whether this means that a USB device will have to transfer the DLC over to the Xbox One or that the backwards compatibility program will also be linked to the Xbox 360’s online network is yet to be seen. And while such a heavy-handed statement comes with the chains of delivering the promise, the knowledge that Xbox 360 games will have working multiplayer and even cross-play between Xbox 360 and Xbox One players is a good sign that DLC can be seamlessly integrated into the Xbox One backwards compatibility coming this November.

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