This year’s League of Legends World Championships is starting soon and I don’t think that I’m emotionally ready for it. In the below video, we’re tortured with a short clip of Dash congratulating HotshotGG on CLG’s win, asking him if he’s ready for Worlds, and you can tell GG was crying (obviously from joy of just winning and becoming North America’s top team for 2015). I remember watching the Twitch chat go crazy when he was crying and everyone just couldn’t handle it.

I’ve said multiple times that Team SoloMid is bae, but obviously I am beyond thrilled for HotshotGG that CLG was first seed in Worlds. That being said, I still hope that TSM beats the crap out of them. Cloud 9 is also representing North America as third seed. This is their third consecutive Worlds, but by far the hardest time they’ve had getting there. Much has to do with lack of team motivation and Hai and Meteos leaving (I still miss you, Meteos). Even though Hai came out of retirement to replace Meteos, and is doing an amazing job at doing so in my opinion, the team still struggled a lot to get back on track. But they did it slowly.

The opening ceremony starts at 7 AM PST on October 1st, with the first game 30 minutes afterwards. The schedule for that day is as follows:




I think that Fnatic has this one iun the bag, definitely. They have yet to lose a single game since the beginning of this year’s Summer Split, when they went a record-breaking 18-0. Cloud 9 might do alright if they have their collective head in the game, but ahq might pull it off, as well. This one could be anyone’s game. H2k will have to step it up  completely since they’re going against season 3 champions SKT T1. I think SKT wins this one. EDG will win against BKT, Flash Wolves will win against CLG, and I have no idea who will win the last match of the day. More teams are playing on October 2nd, so be sure to check back here after day 1 is done for more predictions.

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