The Coalition has made the decision to remove four-player cooperative play from Gears of War 4, which featured in the series’ last two installments.

The move isn’t completely new to the series, with Gears of War and it’s direct sequel both only allowing two-player co-op for local and online play. The decision was highlights in the April issue of Game Informer, which also revealed where the GoW 4 main protagonist, JD, fits in with everything.

Player one will always control JD, with the second player having a choice between either Kait or Dell.

“While the three characters remain together for most of the game, at times they might get split up and the story has subtle differences depending on whether player two is Kait or Dell.” Game Informer wrote.

Gears of War 4 is reported to take place 25 years after Gears of War 3, on planet Sera.

There is no release date set for Gears of War 4, but it is currently expected to release in 2016 as an Xbox One exclusive.

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