Are you in one of those relationships where you and your significant other play games together and it’s all rainbows and puppies? Have you ever wondered whether there was a deeper lining to it? Or maybe you and your best friend play games together.

If you’re looking for a true test of the friendship or relationship, play League of Legends together. Seriously. It will show you what type of person your friend or partner is.

Are they getting ganked 3v1 and none of your teammates are helping out? How are they reacting after their unavoidable death? Of course they’re going to rage. But of course, the first person to blame is the jungler. If you’re the jungler, are they raging to you the same way they would a random?

I have friends who are a couple and play League together almost constantly. I rarely see one in a game without the other. And if I do, one of them is spectating the match. They are both very calm people and it shows when they play. They’re very supportive of eachother, even when one of them feeds. If your friend or partner starts blaming you for their death or for your team’s loss, well so much for that relationship.

League brings out the absolute worse in us. I sometimes find myself going onto my EUW account to play with a low-level friend of mine. He stopped playing in Season 2, so it’s like a whole new game to him. I find myself to be surprisingly patient with him, suggesting items to him, showing him the best ways to last hit, if possible. How to harass while still csing, how to take advantage of passives (Jinx, for instance) and most importantly, I make sure he doesn’t beat himself up if he dies. It’s just a game, after all.

I’ve been witness to a relationship ending midgame because the girlfriend and I were dying and the guy rage quit, but was still on Skype with us. It was only an ARAM, but he flipped out. They were in the same room, and he just started throwing things. It was incredibly uncomfortable to listen to, and she ended up breaking up with him for being a complete douche. The minute he started playing League, he became a completely different person that she didn’t even recognize. It wasn’t good at all.

So I feel that if you pass the test of not being a complete butt to whomever you may be playing League with then you’re A-OK. It’s understandable if you take it more seriously than others, but if you’re just going into a game with a friend and know full well that that friend doesn’t take the game as seriously as you do, drop the attitude in the lobby. Because you’re going to get ganked 3v1 7 minutes in. And your friend or someone else might feed. And you’re going to lose 2 team fights at barons, letting the enemy team get it from you both times. But if you come out of that losing match with a few good laughs and your relationship still 100% intact with no hurt feelings from either party, then you’re the type of person that is fun to play League of Legends with.

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