With the release of the first real expansion for Destiny less than a week away, Destiny The Taken King, like the core game last year, gets its very own, classic rock-fueled, live-action trailer.

Showing off the new destination coming to the game, Oryx’s Dreadnaught, the trailer is also brimming with the new taken enemy type, the new subclass powers for the Titan, Hunter, and Warlock classes, and of course, Oryx himself. Set to “Black Dog” by Led Zeppelin, just as the expansion’s gameplay launch trailer was, the live-action footage follows a fireteam into the heart of the Dreadnaught where they come face to face with Oryx.

In preparation for Destiny The Taken King, Bungie rolled out update 2.0 this week, bringing in many of the new changes to the game. Unfortuantely the update has encountered problems with last gen-consoles and both Xbox consoles.

Are you excited to taken on Oryx and loot your way through his Dreadnaught? Let us know in the comments.

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