Blizzards recently released multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, Heroes of the Storm, is getting a heavy dose Diablo soon. Following the release of Johanna, Heroes of the Storm’s representation of Diablo Crusader class, Blizzard announced upcoming plans for their Diablo themed event, Eternal Conflict.

Eternal Conflict will release, over a series of months, new heroes, mounts, skins, and a battleground. So far, the only specifics known are the battleground, Battlefield of Eternity, a veritable “Heaven vs. Hell” style map, and Diablo legend, The Butcher, being added to the roster of Heroes.

Battlefield of Eternity will be a straight-down-the middle divide between two sides of a two lane map. The map shows heavy influence from Diablo’s fourth act; one half is pure and pristine Heaven, the other is distraught and decrepit Heaven that has been taken over by Diablo.

The map will also feature two, one per side, gargantuan non-player minions, called “Immortals”, that will spawn at fixed intervals in the center of the map. Players will be able to help destroy the enemy Immortal, defend their own, use it as a distraction, or any number of strategical moves.
Immortals - HotS

The monstrous, hook-wielding, absolutely terrifying Butcher will be making his appearance in Heroes of the Storm as well.

The Butchers Skills:

Fresh Meat (Passive): Minions and Heroes will drop “fresh meat” upon their death which can be picked up to gain 1% bonus to attack per meat. The Butcher can only hold 25 meats, all of which are lost if he dies.

Hamstring (Q): The Butcher raises his mighty ax to the Heavens and slams it (and his enemy) all the way to Hell. The move deals damage and slows units for 2 seconds.

Butcher’s Brand (W): Branding enemies will cause basic attacks to heal the Butcher.

Ruthless Onslaught (E): Charge forward at enemies. This makes the Butcher unstoppable and faster (for the charge). Should the attack connect, the enemy will become stunned.

Furnace Blast (R): Causes an area-of-effect explosion of fire around the Butcher.

Lamb for the Slaughter (R): Tethers an enemy hero to a hitching post, preventing them from running away from the swift death of the Butchers cleaver.

Eternal Conflict will enter the public test realm (PTR) on June 23rd. Barring any issues in PTR, the event will kick off officially on June 30th.

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