Microsoft has announced that it has taken steps to reduce spawn exploits in their upcoming Xbox One shooter game, Halo 5: Guardians.

Exploiting spawns can be one of the most aggravating parts of an online game. On a recent post on Halo Waypoint the topic of spawns was discussed in great detail. Kevin Franklin, the multiplayer design director for Halo 5, revealed that 343 Industries has worked with pro Halo players to make the spawn system as fair as possible.

“In Arena, we’ve worked very closely with pro team to make sure that we’ve fixed spawning exploits and sneaky advantages that could ruin your day,” Franklin stated, “If you find more post-launch, let us know and we’ll get on to fixing them.”

Franklin has acknowledged that the spawns are still not a perfect system but that 343 Industries is constantly trying to improve them, “If you have a bad one, even one out of 100, please let us know,” Franklin said.

While making spawns fair is a goal, Franklin did discuss how map control and legitimate strategies are not being completely removed from Halo 5, “To be clear our goals are not to completely remove map control or spawn control from our competitive players, but to provide an experience that requires a balanced skill-set to master, without a single strategy to dominate the enemy.”

The new game type Warzone, which features the largest maps in Halo history along with 12-player teams, brings up a unique spawning problem that 343 Industries has had to tackle with a different solution. As software engineering lead William Archbell says, “To solve that problem, we built a system that generates new dynamic spawn locations at the exact moment a player spawns.”

Check out this link for a more in-depth read on Halo 5 spawns. Halo 5 is set to come out on October 27th exclusively on the Xbox One.

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