Europeans can say goodbye to their version of the already-defunct North American Club Nintendo rewards scheme with a brand new item available till the end of September.

This final item is the “Goodbye Coin,” a silver-plated commemorative coin available for 2000 stars (roughly the price equivalent of a digital copy of Super Mario Kart). It comes in a black drawstring pouch that roughly translates as “thank you” in Japanese. One side features the Mario Bros. waving goodbye and again says “thank you” in Japanese, whilst the other side features the Club Nintendo logo. The coin itself is approximately 3mm (.12 inches) thick and has a diameter of 40mm (1.57 inches).

To be able to pick this up you’ll need to not have spent your hard-earned stars (the European equivalent of the “Coins” North America users earned) on any of the deals that have been featured since the scheme was initially announced as discontinued back in January.  Any registered European users have until the end of September to be able to purchase this and any other item from the Stars Catalogue.

A fine reward for loyal Nintendo customers.

Although this rewards scheme is over, it’s not being closed fully. Nintendo there will be a new system replacing Club Nintendo to continue to reward loyal customers. This new scheme is set to cover all their current platforms as well as smart devices, PCs and the NX, so the scheme is branching out from just Nintendo consoles. However, customers will have to re-register for this new scheme as accounts won’t transfer over, but anyone who registers during the launch window will qualify for a free download of Flipnote Studio 3D for the 3DS.

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