The wait for Devil’s Third has certainly been a long one and unfortunately for now everyone is still waiting. While the game will be releasing in both Europe and Japan sometime in August there has been little talk of any kind of release in the Americas. With the game not getting any sort of hype at E3 it is likely that Nintendo is afraid to release the game in the Americas for fear of it failing.
Many have been awaiting Itagaki’s action game for some time and it certainly seems interesting being a mix of blade and gun gameplay with some absolutely hilarious moments in it. While Nintendo has made no real statements about the release of Devil’s Third in the Americas, Tomonobu Itagaki, creator of the game, has taken to Facebook saying “I will release my Devil’s Third in North/South America.” So now the question is does this mean he plans to gain the rights and release it himself or is he going to try to strong arm Nintendo into some sort of release.

Recently Itagaki has been supporting requests to have Devil’s Third release solely on the Wii U eShop which would possibly be a much better option for Nintendo if they are worried about hard copy sales of the game. In all honesty this is a game that I’d love to have come to the US after such a long wait and for many gamers it will probably fill a niche that has been empty for a long time. Come on Nintendo, make everyone happy, give us Devil’s Third.

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