Heroes of the storm has been consistent in releasing a hero every 3-4 weeks, with Blizzard’s extensive list of heroes (and villains) from 3 different franchises, its hard not to justify beefing up their roster in the beginning.

Although Lt. Morales(Medic), and Artanis have already been announced, their cosmetic designs have now been fully revealed. Each character starts with their basic skin, Master Skin, and a special skin that is available for real money. Skins available for money cost $10 on release, and the Master Skin is obtainable by reaching level 10 on the respected hero and spending $10,000 in game gold. Each skin, including the basic skin, has 3 different colour variants unlocked as you level up the character.

Lt. Morales, along with the basic and Master Skin, is having an Apothecary Morales skin released immediately. Artanis will be accompanied by Purifier Artanis when he releases.

Along with the new characters and their skins, the Nexus is also getting new skins for some of its older characters. Marshal Raynor, and Buccaneer Falstad will be coming soon. As far as mounts go, Marshal’s Outrider, Void Speeder, Nexus Battle Beast, Headless Horseman’s Charger, and the Vulture are all coming soon.

Below is a video from Heroes of the Storm’s official YouTube channel, with examples of the new Heroes, Skins, and Mounts!
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXlzocKSJmw]

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