New footage of Guerrilla Games’ latest IP, Horizon: Zero Dawn, has been posted online with some of the first live gameplay of the new game PlayStation 4 exclusive.

The demonstration footage came from a livestream on Nico Nico at this year’s Tokyo Games Show, accounting for both the low quality and the Japanese voice overs.

The footage reveals two of the major concepts in the game and how it plays. The section has Aloy, hunting mechanical beasties called ‘Grazers’ to gather vital resources for a local tribe. This shows us how the player will be able to interact with the environment, with a Guerrilla dev emphasising Horizon: Zero Dawn will be open-world and fully explorable. The second concept is the importance of stealth – You will see Aloy sneaking through grass to creep up on Grazers whilst avoiding the territorial Thunderjaw creatures.

You can find the footage in question below:

Horizon: Zero Dawn was revealed during the Sony E3 conference earlier this year. It’s the new IP from Guerrilla Games, who previously delivered the PlayStation’s Killzone franchise but wanted to head in a different direction. There was apparently a lot of internal discussion on putting players in the shoes of a female lead, but they always wanted to have her there.

You can look forward to taking the fight to the robot-animal hybrids at some point in 2016 when Horizon: Zero Dawn releases exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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