Lobos JR’s gaming skills is pretty impressive. He has beaten Dark Souls II, and I don’t mean just in a regular manner. Lobos JR is known for putting twists on the game, such as playing Blindfolded(with verbal assistance), No roll/No shield, No death/No bonfire, Use what you see on all bosses, and now adding to the list of things hes done: playing upside down.

Lobos JR has a pretty active stream, but his YouTube channel has a backlog of some of the wacky challenges hes performed since Dark Souls II released.

The Dark Souls franchise is not known for being a particularly easy game, and Lobos JR has already gotten through an impressive amount for playing the game upside down. He is using a simple mod to flip the screen around, and will hopefully see the entire game through.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GivagDcvFk0]

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