The present day is the best time in history to be a gamer. It seems like every other week, developers are making promotions for players to test out their new games and give away DLC for free. Steam, being a great source for new indie games, is featuring another one of these promotions this weekend.

Zombie shooter, Killing Floor 2, is playable for free on Steam right now. This will be the case until Sunday, September 6th at 10 am pacific time. A major update to the game has also added Firebug and Demolition classes, as well as new weapons, maps, and more. As part of a crossover promotion, those who own Chivalry and/or Red Orchestra 2 on Steam will also be able to download a knew playable character for their respective games.

If you enjoy Killing Floor 2 this weekend, you can also purchase the game for $10 less than the regular price, putting it at $20. Don’t waste time now. Get on Steam and take advantage while you can.


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