need for speed faq featured image Now that Need for Speed, the reboot of the racing franchise is nearing its release in November, developer Ghost Games has compiled a selection of frequently asked questions and provided the answers.

They state the game will feature an open world called Ventura Bay with “approximately twice the amount of drivable roads than NFS Rivals”. The racing will take place at night “when urban car culture lives and breathes”.

In response to ‘will the game have split-screen’ the (non)answer is “we wanted to maximise the visual fidelity of the game with the focus given to the full screen experience”. They later return to the subject of split-screen alongside manual transmission and wheel support saying there are many features requested by fans they are ‘investigating’.

The game will run at 30 frames per second with Ghost Games explaining “we’re delivering super high production values when it comes to both visuals and sound”, they continue “by doing this [running at 30fps] we ensure that your gameplay experience remains incredibly smooth”.

For the FAQ in full head here.

Need for Speed will be released November 3rd for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version is expected Spring 2016.

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