The release date for the PlayStation 4 version of Super Meat Boy has been announced.  Sony’s website lists the game’s release as the 6th of October.

Super Meat Boy will be free for PlayStation Plus users at launch.

The release date has not yet been officially announced by Sony or Team Meat.  The listing of an October 6th release would suggest that it will one of the free games for that month, though Sony have yet to announce the games that will be in that bracket.

Team Meat have said that they were unable to bring Super Meat Boy to Sony consoles for “very complicated reasons”, these reasons likely having something to do with exclusivity rights to Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

Super Meat Boy was positively received when it was originally released.  Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, has said that an Xbox One version of the game “would be great”

Are you a fan of Super Meat Boy?  Would you like an Xbox One version too?  Let us know in the comments below.

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