One of my favorite Mass Multiplayer Online games is still going strong and I’m extremely glad of it. Since its 3.1 patch release back in November, the game still sees a steady player base. To celebrate the season of giving and to welcome back old Eorzeans denizens like myself, the team have given all eligible players 96 hours of playtime in Eorzea for free during December. To be eligible, the account must already have a purchased and registered copy of Final Fantasy XIV. For inactive accounts, it must be inactive for 30 days. For active accounts, the account will be considered inactive during the campaign time, effectively giving existing players 96 added hours.

This special campaign will activate with the user logs in for the first time after December 1st and before December 31st. From then on, the clock is ticking and the 4 days of free subscription to Final Fantasy XIV will begin. It’s noted that should players begin this campaign on or after the 28th of December, will not get the full 96 hours as the event will cease completely on the 31st. There are even more addendums: If a subscription is bought during the free period, the event will be nullified and the player will be using their allocated subscription instead. Only one service is allowed to use this special event per Square Enix account.

For the proper summary of the event, you can check out the blog post on the Final Fantasy XIV site here. This event will be available for all current platforms that run the game. I’m very much looking forward to jumping right into where I left off in the Heavensward expansion. Just a matter of giving myself 4 whole days to binge! Let us know if you’re popping on and what server! Would be fantastic to see some of you back in Eorzea.

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