Nintendo and the YouTube community don’t exactly have the best relationship. Besides GameXplain, hardly any prominent YouTube channels cover Nintendo in the same light. However, an up and coming Nintendo focused channel called “The Nintendo Project” has all of the ingredients to become something really special.

Jacob and Jon are two YouTuber’s who are the faces of The Nintendo Project. Despite how young they both are, they have quite the expertise and general knowledge of the history of Nintendo and what Nintendo excels at. The Nintendo Project focuses on opinion videos, the history of the company, various news videos, podcasts, analysis of the company, and everything Nintendo. They are truly The Nintendo Project. With almost 20,000 subscribers under the belt they have made quite the mark for themselves. However, they are still growing and forming as a channel so they need the support from as many people as possible.

I had the opportunity to give them a short interview to discuss their channel and thoughts on Nintendo. Make sure to check out the interview and one of their videos down below!

1) Your news/opinion videos seems to be quite an interesting blend of general opinion, your opinion, news, occasional opening skits, and humor. What made you come up with this format?

Over time, I became more attracted to the vlog-style format. I wanted people to be able to directly see me and make that connection while I was discussing a subject. Much more of my personality is able to come through and translate to the viewer this way rather than just through commentary.

2) What made you want to have a channel that’s based solely on Nintendo? Considering the limited amount of channels that focuses on Nintendo, and the somewhat negative relationship there is between content creators and the company.

It all just comes down to love! Back when I started this channel, I just wanted to focus primarily on the video game company that I loved the most and provided me with many memories. Their past has greatly inspired me and I simply just wanted to share that with the world to the best of my ability!

3) Are there any YouTube channels that have inspired your channel or a video series?

The two channels that have inspired me the most are definitely Black Nerd Comedy and Jim Sterling. I’m a huge fan of their style of humor as well as the way they edit their videos. Mainly, their channels are centered around having fun! Jim’s channel can get a tad serious at times but all in all, the man still knows how to crack a joke and has brilliant comedic timing (Along with Black Nerd Comedy). Oh, and the entirety of the Normal Boots squad of course!

4) Your channel used to be more focused on gameplay type videos, as of lately it’s turned into something else. Why the change in the channel?

A personal friend of mine once did commentary on YouTube, and I figured that was also the route for me. I originally wanted to just commentate over games that I enjoyed playing but after an extended period of time, I grew tired of it. I found myself disinterested in making videos. So I figured a complete switch in format was where I needed to go!

Another reason as to why I switched is due to the fact that Nintendo does not necessarily have a great history with video claims. I wanted to get out of that boat before more of my content was claimed due to using gameplay. The Nintendo Histories also got a creative makeover due to this.

5) Jacob, you were the sole person of The Nintendo Project for a quite some time. What made you want to have Jon jump aboard?

I saw promise in my large, furry friend. In all seriousness though, he’s got some creative skill! We have been friends for a long time and I knew the chemistry between us would allow the channel to thrive in the long run.

6) Jon you have come up with some interesting videos here and there. However, your presence on the channel seems limited. Do you plan on coming up with more content on a regular basis?

I initially wanted to create more content for the channel, but I quickly realized what I wanted to do could potentially take ideas from Jacob in terms of relevant news/announcements. I’m working on some long-form projects off on the side.. (New Top 5s) but, mainly I wanted to bring the channel into the streaming scene. I just have a lot more fun doing that! Also, connecting with the audience is way too fun.

7) The channel has gone through a lot of changes in the last year. With Jon being added, to new series such as your mini podcast (Strawbeary Lemonade), and getting rid of your series monthly pick-ups. Do you have anything lined up for the future?

We have something BIG that will be dropping soon! We’re really excited for it! Along with that, we will be continuing to push the podcast while making more of our traditional content. I would say that the future is looking pretty good for the channel.

8) From watching some of your videos, you guys seem to have other interest in video games than just Nintendo. Do you plan on having an Xbox Project, PC Project, or a Sony Project?

Jacob and I have talked about this, but I think eventually we’ll need to consider rebranding in such a way to encompass everything; however staying true to the original vision of covering the content we love. It would just open up a lot more opportunity.

9) Many people feel that Nintendo is falling behind in some key areas such as their online presence, story based games (other than published third-parties), and fads for the system such as the gamepad for the Wii U. What do you think Nintendo should do to fix some of these problems?

Jon and I are pretty firm believers that Nintendo needs to cut the fads with their systems and focus on a more powerful device. They house an amazing level of potential with their properties. We would love to see them succeed in the home console market again! Their online presence is getting better but there is still work that needs to be done to align them with the competition. I personally believe that more of their games need to have online multiplayer included since not everyone lives near their friends and Nintendo needs to know that.

As far as story based games go, it’s a shame that franchises like Metroid, Kid Icarus, and Mother have taken a backseat to the likes of Mario and Pokemon. There’s untapped potential left in them that needs to be brought out.

10) Since you guys are the Nintendo Project after all, I have to ask. What’s your favorite Nintendo game?

Since I can never decide between these two, A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds. – Jacob

I’d say my favorite Nintendo game depends on the day. How can you possibly choose one?! If I were stuck on an island though, with only one game to play…I’d choose Wind Waker though. Ironically enough. – Jon


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