Creative Assembly, creators of Total War: Attila, have announced a new culture pack for their game which will add three new factions as well as a slew of units and game changes.

The Tanukhids, Himyar and the Aksum will be the new playable factions, each with their own style of fighting which can be seen in the announcement video above.

In addition to that, the new culture pack “also features new campaign and horde gameplay mechanics, events, enhanced religion features, and adds over fifty unique units to the grand campaign.”

The developers also add, “Because of the dramatic impact religious changes had on these cultures in this period, the Empires of Sand Culture Pack includes a number of changes that increase the importance of religion including building chains, victory conditions, events, technologies and overall campaign bonuses.”

The new Total War: Attila – Empires of Sand culture pack will be available in a couple of days, September 15th.

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