There has been a lot of mystery surrounding Arkane and Bethesda’s new title, Prey. For everyone who was waiting to hear and see more about this title, all they had to do was chime in to the Game Awards 2016. Raphaël Colantonio, CEO of Arkane Studios, took the stage with the wondrous Geoff Keighley and discussed this new title briefly. He stated that they were looking to release in spring of 2017 and then let the gameplay footage of Prey speak for itself.

We are first met with a strange recording from 1958, seemingly portraying astronauts checking out a broken satellite, only to talk about an “amorphous black substance” and then end with screams of terror. Then we jump to 2035 where the main protagonist of Prey is aboard a space station and speaks about how their research will make the human race nearly immortal.

Gameplay footage shows the player able to use numerous weapons and abilities to get around. One particularly interesting moment was when they turned into a mug to get through a small space. The rest of the gameplay shows battles with the horrifying aliens. They take many forms, big, small, humanoid, and able to transport at will. Prey looks to be an atmospheric shooter that will keep everyone on the edge of their seats. Watch this trailer below for yourself.

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