Trion Worlds, revealed a new game they are working on this weekend entitled Atlas Reactor. The game is described as a multiplayer tactics game and features a new kind of turn-based combat. All players on both teams will take their turns at the same time or as the game’s website says: “turn-based multiplayer without the waiting around”. Check out the announcement trailer below!

Atlas Reactor is set in a futuristic city in which players take the role of Freelancers. Six of these characters have been detailed so far, each with five skills usable in combat. The developers explain that gameplay largely consists of predicting what moves your opponents will be making.

Players can sign up for the Alpha here. There is no release date as of yet. Previously, Trion Worlds has been focused on MMOs, such as Rift, Defiance, Devilian, ArcheAge, and Trove. Let us know in the comments below what you expect from Trion Worlds’ first strategy game.

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