The former developers behind the as-yet unreleased Dead Island 2 have opened a new studio, called InBetweenGames, and have also released a brand new game, called Mammoth: A Cave Painting.

InBetweenGames was founded by three former Yager developers: Isaac Ashdown, Jan David Hassel, and Rafal Fedro. The former two are responsible for Spec Ops: The Line, while Fedro is a 15-year veteran of the games industry. When Deep Silver removed Yager from development of Dead Island 2 the studio disbanded, with the leadership opening InBetweenGames in Berlin, Germany.

The new studio has already released a brand new game: Mammoth: A Cave Painting, which is available for download today on all iOS and Android devices, as well as through your web browser on PC. You can watch a trailer for the newly released game at the bottom of the page.

Now with Mammoth behind them, Yager have said they are looking ahead to the studio’s first big release, which is tentatively pencilled in for Fall 2016. InBetweenGames has said it is currently working through prototypes of the upcoming game, and while further details haven’t yet been made available, the studio has said “we’re not doing pixel art nor puzzle platformers.”


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