Rock Band 4 developer Harmonix revealed earlier this week that prestigious rock group U2 will be making their series debut in the upcoming game, joining Van Halen as newcomers to the series.

The band has given two songs to be included in Rock Band 4, both of which come from opposite ends of the band’s lifespan. The first track, I Will Follow, was released back in 1980 as part of U2’s debut album, Boy. The second track is Cedarwood Road, from the most recent album Songs of Innocence, which gained notoriety after being imported by Apple onto every iPhone last year.

Rock Band 4, which is set to launch worldwide on October 6th for both Playstation 4 and Xbox One, recently had it’s full track list revealed, which you can find here. The game will launch a few weeks before rival rhythm game Guitar Hero Live launches worldwide on October 20th, and you can certain number of DLC songs for free of you pre-order Rock Band 4 now.

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