The Lizard Squad, who gained notoriety around Christmas when they took down both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, are currently selling out their ability to DDoS online services.

For a fee, you can use the Lizard Stresser, and nominate sites which you’d like to see attacked. Recently, 6 UK teens decided that sounded like a great idea. I’ll give you a hint: it wasn’t.

The 6 teens brought into custody hired the Lizard Squad to use the Lizard Stresser on Microsoft, Sony, and Amazon according to Bloomberg. Operation Vivarium, part of the NCA, has been targeting online attacks from those living in the UK. The Lizard Squad has become a major talking point in the news, but up until recently they had been paid off by Kim DotCom, and were no longer personally attacking websites.

The arrests took play on August 24-27th, and have provoked Lizard Squad to start their operations back up.


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