Blizzard is introducing a Welcome Bundle to Hearthstone that includes 10 Classic set packs and one random class legendary card from the Classic set.

The deal will be available in the game’s next content update for $4.99. Welcome Bundles can only be purchased once per account. Legendary cards in the Welcome Bundle will not be golden.

“If you’re new to Hearthstone and wondering where to begin, the Welcome Bundle will set you well on your way to building a Classic deck recipe or creating an exciting new deck of your own,” Blizzard said. “You’ll unwrap one of nine Classic class Legendaries, such as the mystical Mage card Archmage Antonidas, or the relentless Warrior card Grommash Hellscream! If you’re a veteran player looking to add more Classic cards to your collection, the Welcome Bundle is an incredible deal for the price!”

In other Hearthstone-related news, Blizzard plans on removing 45 cards from Arena mode in the game’s next update. This change is being made in order to resolve balancing issues.

Although the bundle may be tempting for new Hearthstone players, veterans might have most of these cards already unlocked. However, breaking down the duplicate cards into dust may prove it worth the five bucks.

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