In the last few days, the Bloodstained Kickstarter had blown past the ‘dungeon door’ stretch goal and unlocking a new slew of stretch goals. There will now be an exceedingly big castle to traverse around for even more content now. The current kickstarter is at least $2.75 million, with the $3 million in site, if it’s hit, Bloodstained will officially be getting ported to the Wii U.



If the Wii U stretch goal is hit, that’ll mean that Bloodstained will be making its way to Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 AND Wii U. With the current estimated delivery for pledges being May 2017, it looks like the game will most likely be out sometime in late 2016 to middle of 2017.

One other interesting image shown in the stretch goal list is the next one after the Wii U port with what might be a local co-op time attack mode of some sorts. With a plethora of modes added to Bloodstained, the game seems to be extremely replayable. I can’t wait for Bloodstained!

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