Activision Blizzard, the gaming juggernaut responsible for Call of Duty and World Of Warcraft, just made a massive play for Esports.

The company recently announced that they are starting a new division dedicated entirely to the competitive side of gaming. And the gaming titan is getting the very best to help run it.

Serving as division chairman will be former ESPN and NFL Network president Steve Bornstein and Major League Gaming co-founder Mike Sepso will be serving as Senior Vice-president of the new division.

Everyone is in the dark now on what the exact goal of Activision is, but Activison has stated that Blizzcon and Activision’s investor day event are both likely venues for new information to be disseminated.

If people are still skeptical about the validity of Esports, this announcement might be a bit of a blow those cynics. The announcement, made by one of the biggest names in gaming, just goes to show that Esports is growing, and can only go upwards from here.

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