SONY’s Shuhei Yoshida has recently suggested that the console manufacturer were partly the victims of their own success when Driveclub released back in 2014, as SONY had not envisaged such a high number of console sales and therefore the servers on the game were not capable of dealing with all of the traffic.

“Driveclub has sustained its momentum,” Yoshida said. “They needed to spend time to really rewrite the server-side of the game. We weren’t expecting this many people would buy a PlayStation 4, and have PlayStation Plus membership. Because the title was originally titled for the launch of the system, the number of potential people to download for free for the PS Plus version would be much smaller than two years after the launch. We realised the daunting task of supporting potentially millions and millions of people to download and play. The team needed to go back to the drawing board and re-engineer the server-side.”

He added: “While they were doing this, they kept releasing new content and people continued to play the game and enjoy it. I’m really happy with how things went forward.”

Are you still enjoying Driveclub or were you put off by its troubled launch?

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