Pokemon Go has changed the way people can play mobile games forever. As the foremost inspiration for all augmented reality titles, developers have a lot of responsibility in each feature they create and change. Finding a good balance can be very difficult when the tests cannot just happen in a studio, but from millions of players adventuring across the world. Take a look at the latest change brought to Pokemon Go.

Announced on Twitter from the official Pokemon Go page itself, the amount of Prestige gained from a friendly Gym, meaning one that is own by your own loyal team, has now been restored to its original value. So, it would seem this time, the new update and change is really a reversion back to what they had before. I guess the fans showed more love for the way it once was.

Strangely enough, this tweet is mostly commented on by Pokemon Go players who now want other features set back to their original form. The number one topic is the removal of the speed limit. This was an addition made by the developers due to players getting into dangerous accidents while driving and playing the game at the same time. Even though many have called for its removal, it is probably better for the safety of people to leave it as it is.

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