While most people looking to play Fallout 4 this November 10th could read off what S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stands for quicker than a Deathclaw bites, the videos they post up of each one is definitely a unique and cool way to explain each one to newcomers to the series. Recently, Bethesda’s Youtube channel posted up their latest video for Charisma.

According to the video, charisma will help players barter, create friendships, talk your way out of stressful situations, and possibly talk to animals. As well, there’s an emphasis on the effects of charisma and alcohol when it comes to becoming addicted to the drugs of the Fallout world.

I’m most interested in seeing how charisma could get me to talk to animals. While the dog is cute and all, getting a pet Radscorpion that I can talk to would be pretty rad. Although sometimes words are best spoken with a gun in the Fallout world. Check out the video above for more on how Charisma can get you out of

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