Starting off as a hobby for a young developer while working on developing military simulation software, Trobbiani (Team Fractal Alligator) has been working on Hacknet. For three years he had been polishing this ‘terminal-based hacking game’ that utilizes ‘real UNIX commands and abstractions of real hacking processes’. The concept would seem to appeal to a niche community, but that community has allowed Hacknet to gross over $650,000 AUD with over 60,000 players purchasing the game.

To commemorate this milestone, the team has put out a soundtrack that can be purchased. The soundtrack was produced in conjunction with The Otherworld Agency with many underground artists, most notable being Carpenter Brut from Hotline Miami and Remi Gallego from The Algorithm.

Hacknet gained much praise for its education value and application through technical and digital security skills. It was recognized by SIMTecT Australia who gave the game a Serious Games Indie award back in August 2015.

You can purchase Hacknet for 25% off at $7.49 USD on Steam which ends at the end of this Friday. Otherwise it is available for PC on Steam, Humble Store and GOG for $9.99 USD. There is talks of a Mac and Linux version coming by the end of the year. Further more, you can purchase the soundtrack for Hacknet via Steam or Bandcamp for $10 USD.

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