The humbling company has become a huge juggernaut in the new trend of extraordinarily cheap bundles of solid games in recent times. Though the saturation of these promotions tend to peak, the team aren’t stopping and are trying to find new ways to push their success. One of these new ways is the introduction to the Humble Monthly Bundle. Although the name sounds like it’s any other bundle like the Humble Weekly Bundle, this bundle takes a page out of the plethora of ‘crate’ subscription packs that exist today.

For $12 USD every month, you can get a bundle of games sent to your inbox or Humble library. All titles given will be for PC. There’s no guarantee that all games in this bundle will be playable with Mac or Linux. The subscription will still have the usual 5% of proceedings given to the charity of choice that is associated with all aspects of Humble Bundle. It is also alluded that the bundles will contain some games that have yet to make it into a bundle. Whether this means that future bundles will contain these for people who don’t buy into the subscription or not is up in the air.

If you subscribe to the bundle by November 6th, you’ll also get Legends of Grimrock II immediately. Each bundle is unlocked and available to play on the first Friday of every month. Just like every (if not, then most) crate services, you can cancel this whenever you want.

While I personally have found some humble bundles stale as of late due to being saturated with solid titles of past bundles, some more options for even more content is always a boon. My fear for this bundle is that it’ll contain titles that would never make their way to regular bundles which in essence means non-subscribers are locked out of opportunity. I’m certain they can be bought at the humble store regardless if Legends of Grimrock II is any indication. Let us know what you think about this new service in the comments below.

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