The incredible hidden gem on the Wii has been confirmed for a PC release in 2016. XSEED Executive Vice President Ken Berry spoke to Destructoid about how Little King’s Story will be coming to Windows as a visually-enhanced port.

The original Little King’s Story made its debut on the Wii and was generally well received. The game consisted of two gameplay modes: ‘Building’ and ‘Adventuring’. During the building phase of the game, the player would create their kingdom and interact with citizens that eventually inhabit the land. Then came the adventuring aspect where the player would take on opposing kingdoms and threats that attack their home. The main character King Corobo is weak on his own and must utilize an army to deal significant damage.

It was an extremely charming game and a worthwhile inclusion in any Wii library. It was a shame that the original developers Cing filed for bankruptcy as of March 1st, 2010. A reimagining of the game came out on the Vita back in 2012 with Konami at the helm.

The current visually-enhanced version of Little King’s Story is still in alpha, but here’s some images provided from Destructoid that shows what’s to be expected.

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