With the new installation of the hyped Windows 10, some people might come across a few compatibility issues with their games. Riot’s League of Legends often has bug splat errors and can crash the game, but with the new Windows 10 installment, players are getting a black screen and are unable to launch the game properly.

League’s forum boards posted a fix a few months ago that still works with the current problem on Windows 10. If you encounter the dreaded black screen, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Right click on the League of Legends launcher
  • Click Properties, and then Compatibility
  • Then check ”Disable Display Scaling on high DPI Settings”
  • Also select “Run as Administrator”
  • Uncheck Compatibility Mode.

This should fix the problem. It’s not uncommon for games to have some issues when a new update or version of their current operating system is released, but rest assured that this is a problem that will definitely be fixed by the programmers at Riot!

Happy carrying!

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