Microsoft issued a statement on October 19th detailing the Xbox One’s recent success, although they did not announce exact numbers for the console sales in September. Corporate Vice President Mike Nichols said that Microsoft is enjoying a year over year growth for the console.

Microsoft went on to explain that the momentum will hopefully continue into Holiday Season 2015 for Xbox One, as they are bringing the “greatest games lineup in the industry and in Xbox history”. (Source)

The PlayStation 3 sold 87 million units, compared to the Xbox 360’s 84 million. When speaking about numbers in such a high quantity, 3 million is still a lot, but nothing to boast about being the ‘best console’ when it comes down to it.

We don’t have a fair comparison for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One currently, as Microsoft hasn’t released solid numbers since 2013. As of December 2013, the Xbox One had sold 3 million copies.

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