Surprise hit of this past summer, Rocket League, is a pretty fun and novel game. Charitably summed up as Soccer but with rocket-fueled cars driving up walls and flipping through the air, the game has found a very enthusiastic audience on both Steam and PS4. It’s already releasing a second batch of DLC, one of which is the ability to drive around in Back to the Future’s iconic DeLorean, and there’s some limited Halloween themed stuff on the way.

But how would Rocket League work for real? Well the guys at CorridorDigital have an idea, which you can see in the video above! It starts off simple enough with RC cars and remote controls, but then a lot of the more videogame elements like driving up the walls or mid-air rocket flips come in courtesy of some good CG. It helps take what would otherwise be a pretty chuckle-worthy video into something hilarious.

So, if you haven’t checked out Rocket League yet, this video is another good reason why you should give it a shot. Also, if you enjoyed CorridorDigital’s video and wondered exactly how they did what they did, there is a behind-the-scenes video. Just try not to yell “great scott,” every time you score a goal in the DeLorean.

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